Angling in Australia and Oceania

Not only inhabitants of southern Asia find Australia an interesting destination. From Europe the flight takes 24 hours. That is a long time, but manageable.

Once there there are regional angling tour organisations. On your first visit it is advisable to hire a professional in order to get to know the country, its people, its fish and suitable angling methods.

Australia has 9 territories: Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Jervis Bay Territory. When describing the angling possibilities we will stick to these territories.

Not only the Great Barrier Reef draws anglers from the whole world to Australia (there are fish such as sharks, various marlin, sailfish, tuna, giant trevally), also the rivers and lakes of Australia have lots to offer. Waters such as Lake Tinaroo, Russel-Mulgrave River or Daintree River are well-known names. There, along with many other fish, barramundi and queenfish can be caught.

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