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It is always said that the Germans are world champions in travelling. Correspondingly German anglers are also keen to travel, and it is important to know about the angling opportunities in the country to be visited. It is always possible to squeeze in a small travelling rod.

Whether one aims for southern pastures such as France, Italy or Spain, or if one is drawn instead in a northerly direction to Holland or the Scandinavian countries, or if the east is your favourite, at we will give you all the information you need.

Trout in Slovenia, pike and blue sharks in Ireland, marlin off the Canary Islands, salmon in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, grayling in Austria, black perch in Spain, catfish/sheatfish in Germany, bass in England, zander in the dykes of Holland, sole off the coast of Holland. The variety of species is as wide and diverse as the countries of our small planet. Doesn't even the most confirmed indoor type itch, just once, to experience something different, to catch something other than leaves from the local quarry pond?

No sooner back home than planning anew. What is more pleasant than searching for new travel and angling destinations (apart from angling, of course)? If you have had a good holiday and would like to relate your experiences, we would be very pleased and would publish your report. Our contact details are to be found under 'about us'.

Naturally the fishing waters of Europe offer just about everything to fulfill the heart's desire, for here one can catch anything from pope to marlin. But why leave your fishing rod behind while abroad in Asia, Africa, America or Australia? That makes no sense, because everywhere new fishing grounds beckon, as well as new challenging fish varieties.

Therefore, if you have left your home country, ask in the locality about angling opportunities. You will be willingly advised. Travel rods are now reasonably priced and of good quality. They are available for all types of angling - fly fishing, spin fishing and sea angling. People who travel a lot should consider acquiring a travel rod.

Especially during the time before a holiday, in search of an interesting travel destination, we anglers are wont to dream. Big game in Malindi, with flies for bonefish in the American flats , halibut in Canada, king salmon in Alaska; who isn't attracted by such?

At this site we will stick to geographical continents e.g. you will find everything from Alaska to South America under 'America'. Colonies in the various regions (political aspects are of little interest) and countries which are on two continents will come under that which has the largest area.

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