Angling in Sweden

If you can't find suitable water for angling in Sweden, it's your own fault. If you drive by car for only ten minutes in Sweden you are bound to see some inviting water in which you would like to fish.

The angler is simply spoilt for choice, there are so many possibilities for successful angling. In the south, southwest and southeast there are archipelagoes, there are small and large lakes, or running water some of which are world famous e.g. the Mörrum.

In the sea fish, large and small, are waiting to test themselves against the angler. Success is to be had from a small boat, or a cutter. For the latter Varberg has for decades been the acknowledged centre for marine angling. Cutters go out to local areas to catch cod, wolffish and others.

There are pike everywhere in Sweden: in the Baltic Sea archipelagoes, in lakes large and small, in the rivers. Similarly, perch reach good sizes and are to be found all over. The south of Sweden is overrun with zander waiting to be caught.

The angler looking for fish of the salmon family doesn't necessarily need to go to Lapland in the far north for success. In all of Sweden there is good fishing for sea trout, salmon, river trout, rainbow trout, grayling and char.

Plaice, flounder and dab are the most common flatfish in Sweden. Also the marine angler can catch cod, mackerel, herring, garfish, gurnard and many other species of fish. In 2010 even a bonito was caught off the coast at Kattegat.

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