Angling in Spain

The Mediterranean coast, the Atlantic coast, Mediterranean islands, Atlantic islands, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams: he who reduces angling in Spain to catching sheatfish in Rio Ebro is missing out on a lot. Spain is blessed with so many fishing waters and such a variety of target fish, that one could almost feel envious.

Who would have thought that there are some good salmon rivers in Spain? Or attractive, if somewhat difficult, fishing for trout in the wild streams of northern Spain? That there are even huchen (Donausalmon) in Spanish rivers? There is so much to read about Rio Ebro and its sheatfish that everything else is pushed into the background.

In the Ebro, its reservoirs and tributaries adventurous anglers have established excellent fishing for zander and carp. The fish are numerous and gain good weights. If you want to catch a superb zander you can try your luck in Holland, of course, but here in Rio Ebro also. The chances are good in Holland, but here they seem to be even better.

It is not so well known that in many waters there is a healthy population of black perch, the wildest fighters of the perch family. You can go for him with a spinning rod, or just as well with a fly rod.

When it comes to marine angling one can decide between catching bonitos, or perhaps large red tuna, or trolling for palometas, or catching marlin or the larger types of shark. Anything is possible. Naturally, stalking bass and mullet is possible, both can be caught by fly fishing. The rugged coast of northern Spain offers wonderful territory for congers and jewfish/shadefish. From the cliffs one can also catch goldsinny and porgy.

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