Angling in Poland

In Poland numerous waters and fish species await anglers. Before starting out on your holiday you should have a clear idea of which species you are aiming for. Otherwise you would take all of your tackle with you, which might not please the family, even though a family holiday in Poland can easily be combined with an angling holiday.

In the sea one can fish just as well from a boat or cutter as from the shore. Fish to aim for are cod and flat fish, or salmon and trout, which is no surprise. Poland has done a lot to re-introduce and maintain stocks, also to promote fine salmon. There are good rivers for salmon which compare well with those known in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

There are plenty of waters in Poland - many small rivers, streams and lakes. Target fish are not only perch, whiting and whitefish, but above all pike. To catch a large pike while on holiday? That is quite possible, as here the muskie grow big on the plentiful feeding grounds.

Angling is possible all year round, from the shore or a boat in summer, with ice fishing being popular in winter.

The lover of the salmon family is well-served in Poland, with beautiful waters offering trout, grayling, salmon, sea trout and even huchen (Donausalmon). Well-known rivers are the Parseta, Radew, Chotla, Topila, Lupawa and Dunajec.

Particularly recommended is the Masurian lake district with about of water surface. Over a dozen lakes offer plentiful fishing pastures. There are predators such as pike, perch, zander and catfish, or non-hunters such as bream, roach and carp, plus burbot, eel, whitefish and sea trout. One can fish either from the shore or from a boat, in summer or winter. Ice angling is very popular in Poland.

Prices for fishing permits are moderate. All around the lakes one can find cheap places to stay - B & B, hotels or holiday houses. Often it is possible to book guides.

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