Angling in Norway

Within Europe Norway is the epitome of undamaged nature and utmost beauty. Gentle archipelagoes in the south, steep fjords, crystal clear lakes and rivers, these are the fascination presented by Norway for many anglers. Also the varied and splendid opportunities for angling. The land was carved by the Ice Age, the mountains are rounder and don't seem as rough as, for example, the Alps; all in all very inviting and relaxing for stressed mid-Europeans.

It is possible to take a family holiday in combination with angling, for example fishing for marine predators or the beautiful salmon family. Categorising and describing all of the waters of Norway would fill volumes. Actually one can practise this hobby everywhere.

If you were to concentrate solely on the island Hitra, then you would forget that in the southern parts of Norway there are also unending possibilities, not only to catch fish, but prize specimens. e.g. cod, coley, pollack, also mackerel, spiny dogfish, gurnard, flat fish and hogfish.

If a change from marine fishing is required, with firm ground under your feet, then go for trout, grayling, char, salmon and sea trout, with a spinning rod or a fly rod. There is also first class angling for perch and pike. Many of the large lakes and rivers in the south harbor good stocks of splendid fish. Travelling to Norway to catch a metre long pike? That is no utopia, but really possible.

Numerous rivers in Norway have a worldwide reputation for salmon: Alta, Namsen, Gaula, Orkla, plus the Tana (in Norwegian Lapland bordering with Sweden). You are quite likely to catch a giant salmon here; the yearly reports prove this. There are also numerous smaller and less-known salmon rivers which offer good fishing for salmon and trout at reasonable prices.

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