Angling in the Netherlands

Physically the Netherlands belong to mid-Europe and politically to the European Union. The currency of the kingdom is the euro. One speaks of 'Holland' and the Dutch, but actually Holland is a province of the Netherlands.

The Dutch have centuries of experience of battling with the sea; about half of the land-area is below sea-level. Dykes across the estuaries and former bays prevent the land from being flooded. Thereby valuable fishing waters are gained and maintained as national parks. e.g.Grevelinger Meer, Oosterschelde.

In the west just before the English Channel the coast meets the North Sea. Thus the fish fauna in the southern and western areas is influenced by the Atlantic and the English Channel. As in the eastern North Sea there are fish such as plaice and flounder, cod and mackerel, but anglers can also catch pout whiting, bass and mullet. In some places rays can be caught from the shore and from time to time there are reports of catches of large sharks e.g. herring sharks.

If you go out with a cutter there is a choice between mackerel tours (in the summer) or flat fish tours (in the national park), also tours to shipwrecks going after large cod. At times sharks can be caught from a cutter. Bull sharks and dogfish are available, also herring sharks and other larger species.

There are always opportunities for angling in the Netherlands. If the tide is out one can fish in the Oosterscheld national park. When the tide is high one can go for the so-called flatfish or the sought-after sole. In spring there are garfish, in the summer mackerel can be caught from the shore. In autumn and winter when the water is colder one can successfully catch cod from breakwaters, some of which reach a long way out into the sea.

As rich as the choice of species is in the Netherlands, we will unfortunately have to wait for good chances to catch salmon and sea trout. He who wants to catch these must travel to Bornholm. There the likelihood is high, either from the shore or by trolling from a boat.

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