Angling in Ireland

Eire, the green island, is a true 'el dorado' for anglers. Thanks to the Gulf Stream there is a moderate climate, in winter the harbours are free of ice, and there is a wealth of fish fauna. In this it is similar to angling in Scandinavia.

Whether one prefers to fish from the shore or go out on the open sea in one of the many boats, almost everywhere one can go angling. The choices are bass, mackerel, pollack, conger, various types of rays and sharks.

Nowhere else in northern parts has one a better chance at the blue shark than in Ireland. But there are also herring sharks, mackerel sharks and fox sharks. In northern Ireland the dream of tuna is fulfilled. A few years ago tuna fishing was re-established. The record is just over 500 kg.

For surf-angling one definitely needs a tide-table, as the tide is very high, and as is the case everywhere in Ireland, with the rising tide fish come within reach. When the water and fish are there, the angler has the choice between fishing off the rocky coast or going for flat fish or rays off the sandy beaches.

For anglers in boats the choices are aggressive pollacks or congers. The latter are plentiful and in good sizes. One tries for these sea-eels over rocky underwater formations or in the numerous shipwrecks. Angling for the large types of sharks and tuna is real big game fishing. For this one should be physically fit, as the battle to land them requires strength and can take time. The necessary tackle is usually available on the boats.

It is also worth making a detour to the rivers and lakes of Ireland. Fishing for pike is well known and brings success e.g. while on a houseboat holiday on the river Shannon. One can also have success with salmon and trout. The permit prices on most rivers are low, so anyone can have a go.

Getting there and accommodation

There are various ways of getting to Ireland. If you want to take your own car, there are ferries from the mainland or from England. Take note that in Ireland one drives on the left. It is faster by plane. This is possible with several airlines.

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