Angling in France

France is not only a paradise for gourmets, but also for the angler, whether he wants to do a little fishing while on holiday, or catch a specific target fish. Apart from a secret tip for the carp angler, Lac de Cassien, little is known about France's waters.

To that one can only say, the lucky French people. They have so many possibilities and different seas in which they can fish. At the weekends there is a lot of angling going on along the coasts when the townfolk head for the beaches and cliffs for relaxation.

In northern France there is the Atlantic, but the English Channel has its own character. The tide is very high (up to 10 metres) above all in the west. The currents are correspondingly strong. As regards fishing from a boat, if one goes out with one's own boat, this requires checking up on the conditions beforehand, being very careful and letting reason prevail. If you have no boat of your own or want to take no risks, book a trip on one of the numerous fishing boats or fish from the shore.

The surf angler can catch a wide range of fish in the English Channel. There are not only flat fish, but also turbot and sole count amongst the most sought after fish, as well as sea eels. Conger eels live in holes in the rocky coastline and can be caught from the shore. A strong rod is necessary.

Beyond the Bay of Biscay is the whole of the Atlantic. This means that there can be a strong swell or surf. Various sorts of beautiful bass can be caught. Then there are aggressive congers on the rocky coast, which as in the English Channel, can be caught by night from the shore. In the south of the Bay of Biscay there are even some good locations from which rays can be caught.

The Mediterranean is not only good for tourists, but is also excellent for angling. He who wants to take on really big fish can charter a boat for tuna fishing, or for sharks. Fishing from piers, beaches or in harbours is more peaceful. Here one can fish for the ubiquitous mullet and various bream, barbel and bass.


France has a good infrastructure for tourists. Holidaymakers are well cared for and families with children are welcome. The internet has sites which offer cheap holidays in France which can be booked online.

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