Angling in Finland

Plenty of water can be found in Finland. The 'land of a thousand lakes' actually has 187,000 lakes. Add on to that rivers and streams, as well as the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. There are endless opportunities for angling.

Often the angler only has pike in the back of his mind in connection with Finland, but there are many more fish which come into question. The forerunner is salmon. But also river trout, greyling and char can be caught.

Before one can begin with angling one must apply for a licence. As in many other countries an official fishing permit for the waters is required.

  • All anglers from 18-64 require an official fishing permit. Children and teenagers, plus pensioners are exempt.
  • Ice angling and angling with a pole rod (i.e. with no line to throw and no worm bait) require no charge to be paid.
  • The spin angling fee gives permission to fish with a rod, reel and spinners or spoons in a given province of Finland.
  • A waters permit is issued be the owner of the water. He keeps the amount paid.

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