Angling in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are new territory for passionate sea anglers, an ideal region for pioneers of angling. The Faroes present one of the last possible adventures for anglers.

As well as cod, also halibut, haddock, ling, coley, red perch, whiting, plaice and many more can be caught. Also salmon and sea trout are at home here.

Halibut is a permanent resident of the waters of the Faroe Islands which are plentiful in food. Sometimes they can be seen in water just 4-5 metres deep, lying on the bed, as if they are sunbathing. The average weight of the fish is high, however there have as yet been no record fish. It would be amazing if there were no surprises in waters which are difficult for professional anglers.

The Faroe Islands are one of the few areas where there is a genuine chance of catching halibut. On a tour in 2003 five halibut were caught in four days. The largest fish weighed in at 10 kg. Larger specimens are waiting for the ambitious angler.

Freshwater fishing

There are also splendid opportunities for freshwater angling. Fishing in lakes and streams is quickly organized, as permits are easy to obtain.

Trout and char beckon the angler, also salmon and sea trout. The salmon reach weights of over 6lbs (in some instances up to 20lbs). One can be successful with just a light rod.

The best months for fly fishing are August and September. The other summer months are often too dry and the water levels therefore too low.

One hardly needs to mention the culinary delights offered by these wonderful naturally grown fish.

Information about the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are famous for their wealth of fish. The nation lives almost exclusively from fishing. Besides angling one can enjoy terrific landscapes and see many types of seabirds. The coast is varied, partly with impressive cliffs. The islands have about 48,000 inhabitants and over 3.5 million seabirds. Mass tourism is unknown there. The people are open and friendly.

The capital is Torshavn. Nearly 50,000 people live on the 18 islands. The main languages are Faroese and Danish. The Faroe Islands are approximately half way between Scotland and Iceland in the north Atlantic.

If you want to read more about the Faroe Islands, then go to the relevant page at Wikipedia. There there is much to discover e.g. their position within the kingdom of Denmark and the Faroese see themselves therein. Particularly good is the site which is comprehensively written.

Address of Tourist Board:
Faroe Islands Tourist Board, undir Bryggjubakka 17, Box 118, FO-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Telephone: 00298 355 800, Fax: 00298 355 801
Internet: oder

Angling licences

On the Faroe Islands permission is required for angling. Fishing in the sea is mostly free, but for inland waters a permit is required. Permits can be obtained in local travel offices. An information brochure with the local regulations is also available.

Boat Charters

Owner Dánjal i Soylu
FO-210 Sandur, Fĝroyar (Faroe Island)
Telephone: 00298-361668
speaks german and english

M/b Blástein
Booking: Magni Blástein, Bakkavegur 25, 350 Vestmanna, Faroe Islands
Telephone: 298 581 582

Skipper: Klĉmint Hansen
Telephone: 219507 oder 211709

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