Angling in Europe

By Europe we don't mean the European Union, but the countries of the European continent. And these have plenty to offer to anglers. Many of the regions for angling are so varied that even at one single destination one can have a very diversified angling holiday.

Let us take northern Norway as an example. Here you can not only catch the cod of your life, but just a few kilometres away, you can also fish with a fly rod for greyling and char, or in one of the world famous rivers for splendid salmon and trout.

Such variety is to be found in most of the other countries; in Iceland as in England, in Spain as in Italy, Croatia or Greece. The choice of fish available is enormous: the salmon family, carp, pike, perch, flat fish, bream, sharks, rays and marlin.

Certainly we will not manage to impart all the information within a few days, but we will do our utmost to provide at least rudimentary knowledge and to expand on this in due course.

Therefore it is worth returning to our site from time to time to see what progress we have made. If you require information, or have something which we have not yet published, please contact us.

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