Angling in Denmark - Put and Take Centres

Trout lakes, also called Put and Take Centres, can be found everywhere in Denmark. Some (thank goodness only a few) are merely a hole dug out of a plot of land and filled with water, then stocked with fish. Then it is a question of whether an atmosphere of 'fishing in a natural environment' prevails.

Much better are the natural lakes which are used at centres and are duly cared for. Committed entrepreneurs have set up natural looking fishing parks with ponds or lakes in various sizes, some even with running streams. The centres are usually well cared for. Around the lakes there are tables with benches and sometimes shelters from the rain. Sometimes these are combined with camping sites or overnight huts are on offer.

The stock is as the name trout lake says, mostly trout. Here rainbow trout have weights of well over 10lb. In addition there are char and tiger trout, in one or two centres even salmon. However, not only fish of the salmon family are available. In Denmark there are ponds with excellent stocks of pike, also perch, eels, carp and crucian carp.

Spin anglers are at home at the Put and Take Centres, as are fly fishermen or those using natural bait. A lot is tolerated at the Danish fishing ponds, but not everything. Read the displayed regulations carefully. It is wise to obey them, as the Danish take offences very seriously. A common ban is extra feeding and fishing with maize, as the commercially raised trout recognise the sound of food sprinkled on the water and as they have learned, they rush to the food. As a fair angler one should not take advantage of this and should keep to the limitations.

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