Angling in Denmark - Angling in North Jutland

Angling in North Jutland is centred around marine fishing, and in particular on the Yellow Reef. Here the targets are cod, ling, pollack, coley, haddock, wolffish, and monkfish.

The Yellow Reef has a magical attraction for all who want to land their personal best cod. As is the case everywhere, the fish don't take the hook just like that. Suitable tackle is necessary - a 20-50lb rod and heavy pilks and weights. Here the size of the catch and average size of the fish are well above those of the Baltic Sea.

The tackle used must be suitable for the expected currents and weight of fish. A 30lb rod with multiplier reel and braided line are recommended. Further out to sea in deeper waters where ling is sought after a 50lb rod is required.

Herring, flatfish, garfish and mackerel take the hook from piers and the shore. Bass and sea trout can be caught with a spin rod. A particular pleasure is fishing for mullet in harbours and from piers. A strong rod with a sensitive end is the right choice here, as mullet are strong fighters. Delicate tackle and breadcrumbs or small pieces of fish are the right choice. Those who can hook a mackerel are rewarded with a spectacular battle from these strong fish. Bass are also regularly available and experts catch them in good sizes.

The numerous piers give the opportunity to get closer to the cod and mackerel. During the mackerel season it is difficult to come by a good fishing position. The herring festival in Hvide Sande is the best known. But other locations are also good for catching these prized fish.

Floodplain streams such as Uggerby A, Tversted A, Elling A, Skaerum A, Aested A, Saeby A, Voer A, Norre A, Ry A, Lerkenfeld A, Skals A and Simested A offer many chances to look out for river trout, steelhead and sea trout. If the wind conditions are good a fly rod is the preferred choice.

A large number of lakes such as Glenstrup Lake, Flade Lake, Hald Lake and Tange Lake are tempting with their offering of perch, pike, zander, whiting and carp. The density of fish is often surprising.

Limfjord has its own character. It provides a connection between Kattegat and Skagerak. Thus the fishing is very diverse. Sea trout can be caught everywhere in this fjord. Also plaice and flounder can be found nearly everywhere. At the outlets garfish and cod may be present.

At the western outlet of Limfjord is the fishing town Tyborøn. From here cutters set out to the North Sea on angling trips. The shores to the north of here invite one to try surf angling with a good chance of catching flat fish or bass. e.g. at Klitmøller and Vorupør.

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