Angling in Denmark - Information

All anglers between the ages of 18 and 65 require an official fishing licence, also for marine angling. They are available in any angling shop, also in Danish Post Offices. They come in various time-spans:

Day-ticket: DKK 35,-/ EUR 5,-
Week-ticket: DKK 100,-/ EUR 14,-
Annual-ticket:DKK 140,-/ EUR 20,-

More information is available at Visitdenmark.

Credit card holders can also purchase the official licence online at with a protected and coded connection.

Please note that one must have the state licence for marine angling, also on cutters. Since 2008 it is required of captains that they check all licences, otherwise they face punishment. Comments from knowalls who say that one does not need a licence at sea are definitely false.

Protected areas

The estuaries of floodplain streams, brooks and other inland waters where they flow into the sea or a fjord are protected areas where it is prohibited to fish.

Keep a distance of 500m radius away from openings into the sea or fjords. Here fishing is strictly prohibited. If the stream is less than 2m wide this regulation operates from 16 September until 15 January. For wider brooks/rivers this applies all year round. Beware: the Danish officials don't view this lightly.

Along the watercourse itself a distance of 50m must be kept from the entrance and exit of fish ladders or other fish passes. Of course, fishing within the fish ladder or pass is forbidden.

Find about local regulations for the waters you visit. There may be variations.

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