Angling in Denmark - East Jutland

In East Jutland the angler will always find something to suit him, whether he prefers fishing along the coast, from a boat, in lakes or streams.

Floodplain streams like Arhus A, Lynbygards A. Giber A, Grena A, Odder A, Salten A, Funder A Mattrup A, Gjerna A, Lemming A, Allinga A, Lillea, Norrea, and Gudena all tempt with river trout, greyling, sea trout and more recently sometimes once again with salmon. In addition to the native species there are ever more rainbow trout which have escaped from commercial fish farms. Stocks of fish of the salmon family have grown well in the past years and are excellent. Anglers can enjoy success with either a fly rod or a spin rod. Some stretches of water also have perch and pike which put up a good battle.

The lakes of East Jutland house pike, perch, zander, whiting, carp and sometimes also shoals of whitefish and lake trout. Here are just some of the possible lakes Sminge Sų, Tange Sų, Glenstrup Sų, Fussing Sų, Stubbe Sų, Lading Sų, Solbjerg Sų, Skanderborg Sų, Mossų and the Silkeborg lakes with Birksų, Julsų, Borre Sų and the large Silkeborg Langsų.

On the coasts sea trout and steelhead are native and can be caught using plugs, spoons or flies. Also there for the take are cod, flounder, eels and garfish. In harbours and parts of the fjords where the water is brackish there are good perch. For those who want to depart from terrafirma, trips on board cutters are available.

Perch, pike and whiting await anglers, not only in the lakes e.g. Karlsgarde Lake, Flynder Lake, Forby Lake, and Stubbegard Lake, but also in Rinkgobing Fjord. The northern and southern areas of Rinkgobing Fjord offer a much sought after density of stock. When fishing for perch along the reed beds one must reckon with predators. Here the use of a steel leader is recommended.

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