Angling in Denmark - Danish Islands

The Danish islands are veritable treasures for anglers. They offer a wide range of fishing opportunities. The South Funen Archipelago is famous for itsr good sea trout. Success is guaranteed almost anywhere.

Surf anglers also do well here: plaice, dab and flounder can be caught with success. Also cod and eels take the hook. In the appropriate season herring and garfish can be caught.

Cutter trips are offered from many harbours. Such trips give a good chance to land an enormous cod. One should give it a go.

The Danish islands in alphabetical order:

Ærø, Agersø, Alsen, Anholt, Årø, Askø, Avernakø, Bornholm, Endelave, Färöer, Fanø, Fyn, Grønland, Læsø, Langeland, Lyø, Møn, Rømø, Samsø, Seeland

How to get there:

Imposing bridges lead to most of the islands (e.g. the bridges over the Great and Little Belt). However some islands can only be reached by ferry. Not all islands allow the use of cars. Thus, with their individual attractions they offer the chance to relax in a quiet atmosphere in absolute peace.

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