Angling in Denmark - Belts, sounds and fjords

The Little Belt, the Great Belt and Ore Sound spread out between the large Danish islands. Through these the water is exchanged between Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. The effect of northerly winds and the tides guarantee the necessary salt water in the Baltic Sea.

South of Fünen is the island Langeland, east of which is the Langeland Belt. This has deep channels and reaches northwards to the Great Belt. Langeland itself is a favourite fishing location. The Langeland Belt has good cod, among other fish.

The Belts are not only much used waterways, they are also excellent angling reviers. Here one can come by good catches from the shore or from a boat. When underway in a small boat, the often strong currents should be kept in mind, otherwise it is easy to drift and one might need the help of the Sea Rescue.

The Rinkøbing Fjord and the Nissum Fjord are waters which are almost cut off. They do have an exit to the sea, where the harbours Hvide Sande and Thorsminde are located. Locks regulate the water level in the Fjords. All migrant fish which want to reach the fjords and the spawning grounds in streams which flow into them also have to navigate the locks. Herring, garfish, sea trout and salmon pass through.

The Limfjord has two openings to the sea; to the west at Tyborøn is an opening to the North Sea, to the east at Aarhus is one to the Baltic Sea. The Limfjord has numerous fishing opportunities due to its brackish water with plenty of fish in the middle area.

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