Angling in Denmark

The name Denmark prompts the angler to think of trout, salmon, greyling and sea trout fishing, also of fishing for pike and spinning for perch. The variety of the waters and the many opportunities to follow his passion are better in Denmark than perhaps any other country.

The possibilities range from the small Danish floodplain streams and bigger river systems, to the countless small and larger lakes, also the widely available Put and Take centres, to marine and surf and high sea angling.

The variety of fish is enormous: the salmon family e.g. greyling, char, river, rainbow and sea trout, salmon, also predator fish such as pike and zander, plus a wide range of non-predatory fish. Not only fans of predators and the salmon family will be content here, for the stocks of whiting are so good that competitions take place here. Here the angler is truly in his element.

Marine fishing is also very popular. Many anglers come to Denmark, not only for cod and sea trout, but also for the tasty herring and garfish. A special destination is the Yellow Reef in the northern part of Skagerak. These days personal bests are still landed here.

For many the emphasis is on the salmon family, whether in sea- or fresh-water. The stocks are good, as are the chances of successful hours spent fishing. To improve one's chances, an experienced guide can be employed. Nearly everywhere 'sea trout guiding' is available, not only on the coast of Funen.

Species which were previously rare are now native again. In the summer months mullet and bass are present in Danish waters and can be targeted.

Species which were only sporadically available due to general overfishing are now on the increase again. Thus special tours are organised from some North Sea harbours, aiming for herring sharks, turbot, even sole and other flat fish.

Additionally there are some species which are more associated with Mediterranean waters. Red mullet, which are less popular for angling, have nevertheless established a stable stock in the North Sea. In 2010 catches of bonito made the news. They were mostly caught in northern Denmark on the Kattegat coast, off southern Norway and off the Swedish coast almost as far as Öresund. That bodes well for an enjoyable future for fishing.

In recent years the Danish have put a lot of time, money and effort into restoring the floodplain streams, lakes and rivers, allowing threatened fish stocks the opportunity to recover. An example of this is the sea trout project on Funen, through which young fish were introduced over many years. Now Funen has a world-wide reputation as a sea trout el dorado.

Skjern A was also taken on by environmental experts. Its former excellent reputation as a salmon water (with a large-size salmon variety) was able to be restored. Now many good quality salmon return to Skjern A to spawn.

The houting project is perhaps less well-known. The houting, a kind of vendace, was present throughout the mudflat region from Skallingen to the Netherlands. However, due to the destruction of spawning rivers, water pollution and other factors, its numbers had shrunk to only a few thousand spawning fish world-wide. In Denmark only six spawning rivers remained. To prevent the dying out of this species Denmark's second largest restoration project was initiated.

Worldwide Angling is a website made by anglers for other anglers. Here the focus is on fish and fishing in different regions of Denmark, tips about fishing and plenty of detailed descriptions of waters plus addresses of where to obtain licenses. We describe the species in Denmark, and the methods used, the necessary tackle. There is also a list of cutters available and a list of Put and Take centres.

Where to stay:

There are many types of accommodation available in Denmark. These range from farm holidays to camping sites of various standards, to Kroferien (typical Danish inns with rooms) to classical hotels. Holiday flats or houses are also available. Cheap last minute journeys can be booked online. Holiday homes are available in different categories from simple yet comfortable to luxury accommodation. And, all are close to fishing locations.

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