Angling in America

The american continent

The american continent
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Actually, we don't need to write much here. Imagine the continent before your eyes. We start in the north, in Canada with its enormous king salmon and various other sorts of pacific salmon, char and steelhead in freshwater, ling and halibut in seawater.

Then travel south to USA. There we can expect salmon and trout, but the favourite freshwater fish is the black bass. It is a wild and impetuous fighter and can be caught using a spinning rod or also by fly fishing. Families like to go picnicking, taking a light rod and worms to catch any taker. Smallmouth bass and sun perch offer a diversion. After angling for catfish these are welcome in the kitchen. It is not to be compared with the European silurius glanis, but if you are after big game, then go to the Pacific coast and have a go at the sharks there, or to Florida and Texas where there are sailfish, marlin and tuna.

In the middle there is the Gulf of Mexico with all of its wonderful Carribean Islands. As well as the already mentioned big game, there are endless ways to follow your passion for angling. The magical word is 'flats'. It is such a dream to wade in the sunshine and angle with a fly rod for bonefish and travelleys. If you are lucky in the Barracuda area there is the world's biggest herring, the tarpon.

And South America: also a dream. World record size sea-fish in the big game league. There are many freshwater fish which are (almost) unknown in Europe. The Amazon and other jungle rivers are home to peacock perch and varieties of catfish, which stand up well to comparison with European catfish. Nowhere is there better fishing for good sea trout than in Rio Grande and Rio Galageno. Fly anglers from the whole world flock to Patagonia and its rivers.

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